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NPSMA 2021 Board of Directors: Slate of Candidates

Eligible voting members may vote for nominees and will receive an e-ballot on October 28, 2020.

Candidates listed in alphabetical order. View a PDF version HERE

Dagmar Beck is the Director of the Professional Science Master's Program in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She is currently a member of the NPSMA Board of Directors. 

Dagmar has been involved with Professional Science Master’s programs at Rice University since 2002, currently serving as the Director of five programs housed in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences (www.profms.rice.edu).

Dagmar received an associate business administration degree in Germany, and a B.A in Liberal Arts from the University of Houston. She started her career in the U.S. working for several international corporations involved in import and export, international trade, and banking. Following her true interest in the fields of teaching and education, she redirected her career after returning from a three-year stay in Singapore, first working for a private language school in Houston for five years, then transitioning to work for Rice University in 2002.

After successfully facilitating the growth of Rice’s science-related programs, she expanded her activities between 2012-16 to also manage the professional engineering master’s programs in the Brown School of Engineering. During that time she developed a marketing strategy, reshaped the curricula, increased enrollment, created a community for master’s students, and trained personnel at the engineering school.

After the hand-over, she turned her focus back to the science programs developing strategies to increase enrollment in the existing programs and build new ones. Presently, she oversees five programs in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences. In collaboration with faculty and board members, she continuously strives to improve courses and curricula, develop new programs, and work with industry leaders to ensure that graduates receive the enhanced skill-set demanded in industry.

Furthermore, she has been actively involved in the National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA) since 2007, and has served as Vice-President of the association in 2010, as President in 2011, and Immediate Past President in 2012. She served as committee chair on several committees over the years and lead the 2nd National NPSMA Conference committee holding a highly successful conference in Atlanta in 2010. She was an officer on the conference committee for the 2012 conference and currently, leads several committees and serves as editor for the NSPMA Chronicle. In addition, she is a member of WEN, NAGAP and GACC.

Statement of Interest

With all my historical knowledge and active involvement in the NPSMA board, I feel I am a good and well-prepared candidate to continue shaping the association and contributing to its continued success.

I have been involved with the NPSMA since its inception in 2007, and served on the board for many years, in many capacities and on various committees, including in the capacity of Vice President in 2010, President in 2011, Immediate-Past President in 2012. This included chairing the 2nd National NPSMA Conference committee organizing a highly successful conference in Atlanta in 2010. I was also on the conference committee for the 2012 conference assisting and providing guidance to the chair at the time.

I have again served the last three years on the NPSMA board, chairing the awards committee and acting as the editor for the NPSMA Chronicle.

I am interested to continue my involvement with the organization and willing to make myself available to serve and participate actively.

Thank you for considering a re-nomination to the board.

Ray Hoobler joined the University of Utah in 2016 as the Program Director for the Professional Master of Science and Technology program where he is responsible for admissions, recruiting and marketing; management of the day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and financial management of the PMST program.

Before joining the University of Utah, he spent 15-years working in Silicon Valley with roles in both science and management. His professional career includes working in medium and large public companies, and a small startup. This experience provided a firsthand perspective and understanding of the industry needs our programs seeks to address. He enjoys using his industry background to advance the mission of NPSMA programs.

Before his industry work, his academic experience includes positions as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder and as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Alabama.

Statement of Interest

I understand the responsibilities that for this position, and I am willing and able to commit the time required for Board service. I am a current member of the NPSMA, serve on the conference planning committee and as a member of the affiliation committee, and have served as Vice President of Marketing and Outreach.

Ray Hoobler Curriculum Vitae

Max Houck is a Forensic Portfolio Innovator and Assistant Research Professor in the Global Forensic and Justice Center at Florida International University. His experience of both academic and professional experience presents a unique viewpoint to enhance the NPSMA mission.

His analytical viewpoint allows him to think beyond a single issue and how it will have a ripple effect years later. Dr. Houck can draw the direct line of what happens in the science laboratories to its direct impact on the real world.

As a former manager of one of the largest forensic science laboratories in the country, Dr. Houck has first-hand experience in managing funding and daily operations for an effective workplace.

Statement of Interest

I am prepared to commit the time required to contribute to the mission of the National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA) Board of Directors. I acknowledge this includes conference calls, meetings and committee leadership and service, both regularly scheduled and as needed.

I see Professional Science Master’s (PSMs) as the modern synthesis of the management of science; it is not only what our science is that matters, but how we manage it. The best science in the world poorly managed does not move the discipline forward or help society advance.

With my background in management and my experience in explaining science both to decision-makers and the public, I want to be involved in helping determine the best non-science skills that PSMs need to excel in our rapidly-changing world. Technology always outpaces human culture and nature, therefore, PSMs need to be better designed to adapt scientists to the "new-new."

Max Houck Curriculum Vitae

Deborah Silver is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Executive Director of the Master of Business and Science Professional Science Master's Program (PSM) at Rutgers University. For 11 years Deborah has directed one of the largest (hundreds of students enrolled this year) and most successful PSM programs in the nation. She has been personally and directly involved in all aspects of her PSM program, from initial University and State approval to the generation of industrial partnerships, management of the program’s budget, and advising and support of students. Deborah has expertise in labor market analysis and workforce development as well.

Deborah has just completed a term on the NPSMA Board and served as its Vice President for Member Benefits. As part of her official duties she has  organized and hosted the “Ask NPSMA” sessions and has championed adoption of digital certification for graduates. As the creator of online courses and program, she has been a valuable voice in helping the Association navigate issues around virtual education. A regular attendee at the annual NPSMA events, Deborah has co-organized workshops and has participated in several conference sessions. In 2019 Deborah led successful efforts to partner with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) to secure NSF funding. The grant sponsors a survey on advising and mentoring practices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) MS programs and funds the 2021 NPSMA Annual Workshop to develop best practices for Individual Development Plans for STEM MS students. In spearheading this collaboration, Deborah has raised the profile of the Association and PSM with CGS, the myIDP community and the NSF.

Deborah has been proactive in helping the NPSMA meet the challenges of the past few years. When we needed a path forward following the dissolution of the Keck Commission, Deborah jump-started our response by planning and hosting an in-person meeting of the Board at Rutgers specifically to address issues around how affiliation and messaging might proceed.

Deborah brings a diversity of perspectives and experience to the NPSMA Board. A tenured professor, she has successfully applied for federal funding and has an impressive publication record. Deborah has extensive experience in collaborative activities. She has served on a number of University committees and on the University Senate. She has been involved in interdisciplinary efforts between multiple schools across multiple campuses. Deborah also brings administrative experience from time spent in the administrative positions of Associate Dean of Continuing and Professional Education in Rutger’s School of Engineering, and of Associate Director for the Center for Advanced Information Processing. Most important for this nomination, Deborah has been integrated into the NPSMA and PSM communities for a long time and brings a degree of institutional memory to the Board.

Statement of Interest

As a current Board member, Deborah Silver is aware of the commitments required. In agreeing to stand for re-election she confirms that she can meet the time and effort needed to be a productive Board member.

Deborah Silver Curriculum Vitae 

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